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  课程安排 Course Plan:

  The course will be arranged as MOOC + Offline course + Online Course



  July 5


  July 6


  July 7


  July 8


  July 9


  Watch MOOC

  Watch MOOC

  Watch MOOC

  Watch MOOC

  Watch MOOC


  Special Topic Course 1

  Gengyuan Liu

  Special Topic Course 2

  Gang Liu

  Special Topic Course 3

  Gang Liu

  Special Topic Course 4

  Ming Xu

  Special Topic Course 5

  Ming Xu


  Online Course A

  Sergio Ulgiati

  Online Course C

  Sergio Ulgiati

  Online Course E

  Sergio Ulgiati

  Online Course G

  Francesco Gonella

  Online Course I

  Francesco Gonella


  Online Course B

  Mark Brown

  Online Course D

  Mark Brown

  Online Course F

  Mark Brown

  Online Course H

  Mark Brown

  Online Course J


  Issuing of course certificates

  Note: 1. Students will watch the online MOOC course in the morning and learn the basic knowledge of Environmental Accounting and Management.

  2. Online course will be divided into two classes due to the time difference. 17:30-19:00 in China Time Zone will be 11:30-13:00 in Roma Time Zone. 19:00-20:30 in China Time Zone will be 7:00-8:30 in NY Time Zone.

  3. The course will issue the course certificate after finishing. The certificate is authorized by the International Society of Advancement Emergy Research, etc. All the participates will be invited as the member of ISAER to join the following academic activities.

  4. All the BNU students will win 2 credits after the course. Please send your personal information and student ID to Prof. Gengyuan Liu (


  在线课程信息Online Course Information

  Online Course A (by Prof. Sergio Ulgiati):


  Online Course B (by Prof. Mark Brown):


  Online Course C (by Prof. Sergio Ulgiati):


  Online Course D (by Prof. Mark Brown):


  Online Course E (by Prof. Sergio Ulgiati):


  Online Course F (by Prof. Mark Brown):


  Online Course G (by Prof. Francesco Gonella)


  Online Course H (by Prof. Mark Brown):


  Online Course I (by Prof. Francesco Gonella):


  特别邀请课程信息Special Topic Course Information

  Special Topic Course 1 (by Prof. Gengyuan Liu)



  Special Topic Course 2 (by Prof. Gang Liu)

  √ Basic concepts and methodology introduction

  √ Applications and exercise


  Special Topic Course 3 (by Prof. Gang Liu)

  √ Indicator element and substance flow analysis

  √ Introduction to STAN software

  √ Dynamic material flow analysis: Basic introduction and examples of uses


  Special Topic Course 4 (by Prof. Ming Xu)


  Special Topic Course 5 (by Prof. Ming Xu)


  MOOC课程信息MOOC course information:


  课程注册信息Registration Information:

  If you are interested, please send your person information to Prof. Gengyuan Liu’s email address (

  The course will be free for BNU students. Students from other Universities/institutes need to be paid (500 RMB for 5 days course). Payment information will be sent by email.



  课程支持单位Supporting Information: