International Summit Forum of Chinese Academy of Engineering on Water Pollution Control
First Announcement

Water is the source of life, the foundation of production, and the foundation of ecology. With the promotion of the national strategy of "ecological civilization construction", and the increasing demands and expectations of the people on the quality of water environment, water pollution control has become a major issue in China. President Xi Jinping made important expression on water treatment several times, and put forward the strategic concept of water treatment in China. The State Council issued “Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution” in April 2015, which gave requirements from the aspects of urban water pollution control, agricultural pollution control, drinking water, urban black and smelly water control, environmental supervision and so on, with quantitative indicators for water pollution prevention and control.

International Summit Forum on Water Pollution Control is one of a series of Science and Technology Forum sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering. It will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang in October 2018. The forum will gather influential academicians, well-known experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs at home and abroad, and share the international research achievements and academic frontiers in the field of water pollution control. It aims to explore the trend of engineering and technology in water pollution control, and to overcome the restrain in water environment, water ecology, water resources, water culture, and water economy in China.

yya1vip英亚:1. Name, Date, and Place

Name:International Summit Forum of Chinese Academy of Engineering on Water Pollution Control

Date: 25th -26th October (registration on 24th October)

Place:Zhejiang Hotel(No.278 Santaishan Road, Hangzhoug, Zhejiang)

yya1vip英亚:2. Host and Organizer


Chinese Academy of Engineering


Zhejiang University

Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences

Beijing Normal University

East China University of Science and Technology

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power

Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology

yya1vip英亚:3. Scope

The scope of the forum includes but is not limited to:

1. Theory of water ecological health and optimization;

2. Theory, technology, and engineering of comprehensive remediation of black and odorous water body;

3. Technology of source control of industrial sewage;

4. Technology of water ecological restoration;

5. Advanced technology of water pollution treatment;

6. “River Manager” and water ecological management in river basin.

yya1vip英亚:4. Organizing Committee


Prof. HOU Li’an, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Prof. YANG Zhifeng, Beijing Normal University


Mr. JIANG Changcai, Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology

Mr. WANG Yuanjing, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Committee member:

CHEN Guanyi, CHEN Wenxing, CAI Yanpeng, GUO Jiliang, SUN Tao, WANG Hualin, XU Linyu, XI Beidou, YE Zhou, ZHANG Jian, ZHANG Lieyu, ZHANG Lin

Secretary General:

Prof. XI Beidou, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences

Prof. ZHANG Lin, Zhejiang University

yya1vip英亚:5. Organization Form

Invited speakers only.

yya1vip英亚:6. Fees

No registration fee. Accommodation is not covered.

yya1vip英亚:7. Call for papers

The forum will collect unpublished academic articles (full text), including news and focus, views and comments, and research papers. Distinguished manuscripts will be published on Engineering, Ecological Engineering, Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, and other academic journals after the review of the experts.

Please send the manuscript to: Please follow the author instructions on the journal website

yya1vip英亚:8. Contact

Name:Miss LI Tongtong